Marquee Hire prices and rates for party tents in London, Essex and Hertfordshire
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Price Guide for marquee party tents
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Cost of Marquee Hire

How much will a Marquee hire cost? is often the first question people will ask. Its natural, just like when buying or hiring any service the cost will play a part in us deciding if we want it or not. Unfortunately the price of Marquee Hire the answer is not so easy to give without asking a few questions first.

The reason for this is that Marquee Hire allows you to choose from a range of options so the marquee hire price is dependant on what you actually want. Other factors such as time of year and suitability of the site also have to be considered.

Cheap Marquee Hire Options

We have two options for marquee hire which are very economical party tents and the much larger clearspan marquees. Party tents are more suited to back garden parties and smaller events. The most popular size for garden parties are 4m or 6m wide and up to 14m long. The same sizes are available in the more expensive larger marquees, but these marquees can be much wider and longer. The only other real difference is the height at the center of the marquee.

If you are planning a party at home and want a rough idea of how much it will cost the first thing you will need to decide on is how big the marquee needs to be and what type of marquee you are going to choose. Think about the numbers of guest you wish to invite, type of occasion and you will also need to consider space available. For some more information about the difference in garden party tents and the bigger main marquees click on these links.

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Although both of these marquees are the same length and width the larger marquee has a peak height of 16 feet (about 5 meters) so can be installed over immovable objects in your garden. These obstructions would include garden features such as trees and shrubs but in the image above a hot tube with a privacy frame around it had to be incorporated into the marquee.

Marquee Hire rates and prices for party Tents in Essex, Herts, London and Buckinghamshire.