Garden Marquee for a posh wedding celebration.
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Cheap Marquee Hire

A Garden marquee for your party at home.
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Garden Marquee Hire

It would be wonderful if we all had acres of space to set up a marquee and host a wonderful celebration in our own gardens. The reality is that most of us have limited space, and the space we have is sometimes not level, square or uncluttered. Below is an image of a marquee that was set up in one of these crowded gardens. When installing a marquee or setting up a garden party tent there are sometimes trees, walls and bushes to contend with. In this case the the garden was on two levels and had a large hot tub with a privacy frame installed that could not be moved.

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The marquee selected for this job was 25ft by 42ft with adjustable legs and was able to enclosed the entire garden. The marquee also had a peak height of 16ft which allowed it to span these obstacles. With a range of different marquees available we can often provide marquees and Garden Party Tent Hire in difficult circumstances.

Garden Marquee Hire in Hertfordshire, north London and Essex at low hire rates.