Big Marquees at reasonable hire rates are perfect for weddings, corporate functions or any posh party.
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Cheap Marquee Hire

Large marquee hire for weddings and corporate functions
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Large Marquee Hire

This image is of a larger marquee which has a central headroom of 16ft. This type of marquee is more solid and can be left in position for very long periods of time. This makes it a great choice for permanent instillations or for events that take place over several days or weeks. Wooden flooring, solid entrance doors and a covered walkway will add to the building like feel of this Marquee.

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The height of the larger marquee is far greater creating a cathedral like space which is simply breathtaking. Large marquees are available in different widths and can be extended in length to accommodate hundreds of people. The increased size means these Marquees are more expensive to buy, maintain and many more hands are needed to set up a large marquee. Unfortunatly this does increases the cost of marquee hire, but elegance is always worth it.

Marquee Hire rates include delivery setup and dismantling. The much taller large marquees give the extra dimension of height will wow your your guests and are perfect for corporate functions or wedding marquee hire.

 Big Marquee hire for weddings party's and corporate functions in Essex, Hertfordshire, London and Buckinghamshire.