Garden party tent hire that are very affordable to hire for any occasion. Great Marquees at cheap hire rates.
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Party Tents

Party Tents are the best option if you are on a tight budget and still want to hire a fantastic marquee for your party. Party tents come in a range of sizes and a 6 by 14 meter tent can seat up to 100 people. Party tents can also be easily joined together to create larger structures or to create different areas within the marquee. This means your marquee does not have to be one giant arena but divided into different areas for different things. A smaller party tent can provide the reception area with a bar and soft furnishings while a medium sized party tent adjacent to the main dinning area can be dedicated to the evenings entertainment.

All marquees can be fitted with linings, drapes, chandeliers, swags, carpet and all the finishing touches so the only real difference is the peak height and the hire price. Its true some people will want one super large marquee that includes everything whatever the cost but if the space available does not allow one giant marquee or you just want a cheaper option, party tents are perfect.

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This Marquee is an economical choice and just the job for back garden party's, smaller weddings or corporate functions.The peak height is lower than a main marquee but as a result it is quicker for us to set up and therefore cheaper to hire. Carpets, furnishings and decorative swags can all be changed to create the wow factor. Or you can just add a dance floor for a disco party.

Party tents are a very cheap option if you just want the canopy and do not require marquee lining or flooring.